Part Time Jobs For Passionate Moms

Being a mom brings with it all sorts of responsibility, one of these is that of taking care of the children, however, when the children are out at school, many moms choose to go back to work part-time. Check out some ideal part-time jobs for moms here

Freelance Writer

If she’s good at writing or has the right editing programs, she can earn some extra money writing. There are many people seeking people to write brochures, articles, blog posts and more.

As an added bonus, a freelance writer can work from any place that has an internet connection. This includes coffee shops, public libraries, and even some bookstores. This opens up a wide array of opportunities for the freelance writer.


Many students struggle in a variety of subjects. If a mom is particularly good at one of these subjects, she can hire herself out as a tutor. Tutors earn a good amount of money for helping students to pass classes.

Tutors can set up appointments with students at any time of the day or evening. They can work in the morning, afternoon or evening and they can tutor online or from home or meet their student at a library or even the students home.


From music lessons, cooking lessons, foreign languages, to sewing lessons and just about anything in between a person can teach others how to do anything.

An advantage is that they can teach groups or single students giving one on one help. They can also teach from anywhere as long as they’re not disturbing someone else.

part time mothers jobs

Child Care

Mothers who don’t have children in school may be able to do some childcare. Watching someone else’s children, nieces and or nephews, or other children may be a lucrative means to earn some extra money.

Keep in mind that there are some licensing regulations to watch other children, however, most of the time these are easy to take care of and secure.

Mystery Shoppers

Many moms make a good amount of extra income shopping. They sign up with companies and go to the store and using a preset scenario they shop and then go home and report back about their experience.

This can earn them a lot of money and they have to shop anyway so it’s a great way to get the shopping done and make some extra money.

There are many great part time work for mothers and these are just a few of them.