Latest Search Engine News

Perhaps one of the best sources of website traffic is search engine results pages (SERP). After all, visitors that arrive at your website from SERP are real people who have searched for a word or phrase related to your business, and they are therefore easy to convert into customers. Indeed, organic traffic from Google and Yahoo is the lifeblood of many online businesses. What’s more, businesses that know how to do their own SEO can save lots of money on marketing just by ensuring their websites rank highly on SERP for targeted keywords.

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So, why is it important to keep up with the latest search engine news? Well, the truth is that search engine operators, such as Google and Yahoo, are constantly tweeting their ranking algorithms, crawling bots and indexing mechanisms. This means that SEO strategies that worked last month may not continue to work next month. By keeping up to date with the latest developments in the search engine industry, you can ensure you don’t waste resources on outdated SEO techniques.

In addition to optimizing your website and backlinks for the most popular search engines on the web, reading the latest seo news can stop your website ever being deindexed from SERP. Why would my website ever be deindexed from Google, you may ask? Well, search engine operators often change their terms of use policies and make updates to the type of website content that can appear in results. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor your website to make sure none of its content is inadvertently violating any new search engine terms of use policies.

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Keep in mind that your competition could be working round the clock to outrank you on SERP. Therefore, anything you can do to stay ahead of the curve in the search engine industry will be to the benefit of your online business.