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Perform This second — Ashes Cricket

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From the Play This second column, Man of Many takes a peek at a wonderful new or recently released game which might have slipped under your radar. Given the absolute quality of content available on consoles and the near-limitless possibility of PC, it’s easy to miss an awesome game in favour of the latest hit. For every Grant Theft Automobile Call of Duty, then there’s another game equally worthy of attention, and we make a case for why you should play it and where you can find it.

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Ashes Cricket is created by Aussies for Aussies. Additionally, to a lesser degree, other. It is the 3rd cricket game developed by Melbourne’s Big Ant Studios and also the first to be named after cricket’s greatest running contest. It’s also arguably the best cricket game thus far.

Ashes Cricket will first and foremost allure to any warm-blooded Aussie or Brit thanks to its star power. Significant Ant scored licensing rights to The Ashes, which means its game includes the likeness of the whole Australian and English squads, both female and male and also the stadiums in use for the 5 test match series.

Thanks to motion capture, fan favourites Steve Smith, David Warner and Glen Maxwell all perform together with the style of their real life counterpart. The same is true for all batters and bowlers from the teams. It won’t mean much to a few, though hardcore cricket fans will observe the principles of strokes, footwork and deliveries, so developing a realistic and more immersive experience. There is even true commentary by Michael Slater and other members of the Wide World of Sports team.

Regrettably, cricket fans from other nations will be disappointed that the licensing ends together with Australia and England. There are no recognisable names in the NZ, SA, Indian or Pakistani teams. Like I said, by Aussies for Aussies.

New players are invited to use the new simplified analogue stick control scheme, but veterans can jump back to the basic controls or elect for a blend of both. Ashes Cricket is incredibly easy to pick up and play with when a veteran Big Ant Studios cricket aficionado extends up against an amateur, once more as a result of the customisable control approaches.

Along with The Ashes show, you can also play with a comprehensive ‘Career Mode’ in which you choose your customised junior cricketer through bar level all the way to the very best to captain your own country to Ashes success. There are also competition, online versus and casual styles out there.

Academy is where you may get creative: It is where user content is created, with gamers filling in the gaps of their global rosters or creating humorously named players and teams using custom pajamas for a personalised experience. You can also share content across PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Substantial Ant Studios has done an exceptional job with Ashes Cricket that comes close to rivalling the high quality and authenticity of athletic giants EA Sports and 2K Sports with what we are assuming is a fraction of the funding. It is also the perfect game to play this Australian summer since the Aussies take on the Brits in the Magellan Ashes Series. Nice Garry!

Ashes Cricket is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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